1 Briefing Summary 

Ron Brandt's Perm Mag 500 hp Motor is the best all around overunity technology I have been unable to uncover since 1983 when I attended the 1983 Non-Conventional Energy Conference.  

Ron Brandt was a child prodigy, working on electrical motors in grade 3, had an overunity motor by grade 8 and totally rebuilt a car from ground up at age 11. He worked with Nikola Tesla during WWII as a young man on the Philidelphia Expirement. Later when the 5th speaker of the ministry organization that Micheal Faraday had set up was killed, he was trained in a rush to be the 6th speaker.  

Ron had a vehicle running overunity in the 60’s and there after using various technologies such as the Tesla Brandt switch using switching on 4 -12 volt batteries that Tesla and he worked on their spare time in the Philidelphia expirement. 

Timothy Thrapp is a genius with a IQ of 172. What is hilarious to me is that he mentions on his internet radio show that he failed first grade. He is very hard working, diligent and careful in his observations while using common sense mixed with practical theory rather than the often irelevant facts and knowledge taught in universities.  

From wealth generated from hard work in first construction of  17 houses by 17, Timothy went on to later hire up to 51 top people to replicate and then make modifications to various overunity technologies around the world. He used some of that wealth after meeting Ron to build 4 generations of controllers. Basically Ron was generating fast pulses, using switching electronics to then collect the back emf normally lost into capacitors. The faster the rise time, the less time the back emf has to react against the force generated as well that emf field can now be collected and reused.  He replaced the electromagnets with strong electromagnets so save more lost energy. He used higher efficiency lamination materials to save wasted energy there.

Due to the permanent magnets flying off the rotor when the rotor got hot, he had a circle outside with the magnets on the instide rotating. It ran cool up to 15,000 rpm and again was so super efficient that most experts that have not studied into this, don't believe it is possible or real.

There is photographs along with a video of him back in 1996 demonstrating and revealing basically everything about his motor and how it operated there also.

If you believe in that, can help convince others, I will support that with giving the plans free now for up to 50% of the profits on sale in the future that I can use for other beneficial projects for planet earth.

Joseph Newman was using the same basic principle with commutators and capacitors to get his 700% efficient motor. Although with his high voltage with 10 to 1,000 the turns, he was able to generate the needed 1,700 volts first with about 190 - 9v batteries then with about 350 – 5v watch batteries. It would be wonderful to combine the fast switching of Ron Brandt’s technology with Joseph Newman’s higher voltage to see what could happen? 

Meanwhile “They” threatened to destroy Timothy while in Alaska if he didn’t stop his research & development. When destroyed labs, attempts on his life failed, “They” seized $13M from various bank accounts including Swiss, Offshore and US banks. He spent over $80,000 to find out someone in the Fed took it which I will give a clue it wasn’t likely the bank teller clerk but the majority owner dynasty family with a name starting with R and it isn’t the Rockefeller family. 

When Ron Brandt died, unfortunately 2 real estate investors bought his estate which they sold off for very good money from reports and have sat on the technology for almost 6 years. I was finally able to make contact with one about 3 months ago. When he wouldn’t give me a starting negotiating figure for any possible use like a lump sum or % of royalties or US manufacturing rights, I let the one real estate partner know I was going public with the information I have that Ron Brandt was kind & generous enough to allow me photostat in exchange for a very reasonable amount after staying with him from June 10-17, 2010.  

(Note: I sent another email to that real estate partner about 3 weeks ago asking if he had a starting number yet with no response as of July 13, 2016. It is really frustrating to me that 2 people doing quite well financially appear to me holding out for big money when the world needs this technology so badly despite others putting in several hundred thousand dollars and 1,000 of hours of time to get to that point. I believe in the life review people go through as told about in near death experiences, they will be shown more the impact on the world by their lack of concern and what appears to me is greed and selfishness.) 

Previously I had tried getting 2 local companies interested one of which sold out for $70M and was already investing in wind. It was a no go. Without more documentation and information than just the machine drawings, schematic of the controller, 204% relative efficiency compared to a 5hp conventional motor, and the photos I took, after that I didn’t know how I was going to get the technology out to the world without just being posted on some internet sites like so many others. 

Timothy Thrapp played 4 -15 minute clips on his internet interview show starting May 21, 2016 of Ron Brandt explaining in great detail his 10 hp single phase first generation motor along with oscilloscope readings starting . Timothy also gave additional information from his perspective from being the chief engineer EE to Ron Brandt along with the other 3 EE &/or Electronic specialists he had working on the project also. 

With I believe the Roths bankrupting the world behind the scenes with 90% going for 99.99%, I put up www.bestenergy.ws as fast as I could using MS expression web free primarily in order to get Ron’s information out to the world along with other golden information I have collected over the years. 

Now each person reading this is going to need to decide what they are going to do now. According to Cosmic Awareness Communications and other sources, life here is for us to put into practice what we claim to be and are. It is one thing on the other side to say we are going to be kind, loving and unselfish, it is another entirely different ball game to be in this “boot camp” of real life in a 3D physical world with dependancy on a 3D body and a monetary system run by the Roths. 

Even sending a few emails out to possible interested parties, posting on various websites is creating more of a positive future than sitting back doing nothing and then looking from the life review and saying Oh xxxx, I had all those chances to do something good and what did I do?  

Also asking the question what is the wisest use of my money is very important? Is it paying taxes to governments run by the Roths behind the scenes who are building the chains to enslave people the christian thing to do? Or pay donations to evangelists like Joel Osteen who have very inspiring motivational sermons on the surface but are not telling the people what is really going on? And then assume that they must be of god because they were able to put 100M into new padded seats and air conditioning of their stadium type church?

Or new age gurus like Walsch, Chopra, Oprah, etc. that tell people what they like to hear instead of warning them about the Fed Monopoly economic slavery system, GMO food, toxic ag poisons in their food, chemtrails, FEMA camps activated etc.


RE: 1983 Non-Conventional Energy Conference. I want to thank the organizers so much for putting that on such as PACE, Ken McNeil and others. Compared to the Roth/Rock brain washing my dad sacrificed as a farmer so us 6 children could have expensive private christian SDA eduction, it was literally life changing and was and is going to be worth so much more to me and hopefully to the world. 

While there I met Adam Trombley who had his patent put under national security order (after his talk, he was kind enough to tell me more later in his room that he met Edwin Grey traveling around underground in a trailor where he measured his overunity motor with proper rms meters), Thomas Valone a patent examiner who later lost his job just for trying to put on a similar conference and had to sue for his job back, Jan Roos ME who was kind enough to invite me as a no body to sit in on very interesting conversations better than the speeches, Guy Obelinski who demonstrated a faster than light signal who later told me that NASA? gave him $1M for an extra lab for him to use, Puharich who had a mobile home running on cracked water (I gave him a copy of a patent that his patent attorney hadn't uncovered), Thomas Bearden, ate supper with Paul Brown ran off the road & killed later for his 20 year life nuclear battery, George Hathaway who gave a talk on loads and proper measurements for determining overunity and bought a paper that a French scientist working on a colloidial reactor had put under French National Security had presented the previous year. It was similar to Wheeling that from his calculations estimated that there is enough energy in back ground radiations in a cup of not perceived matter to boil an ocean if tapped into. 

The next high light after that was uncovering in 1996 the fantastic work that Joseph Newman was doing. With that 700% dynnomotor test witnessed by 4 individuals done at Lawrence, Joseph was offered any amount. When he was asked if “They” were going to manufacture it for the benefit of the world and the response was no, Joseph turned down that offer. And then later open sourced that information. I respect Joseph greatly for that especially compared to Dirty Tricks by Top Names.  

I was threatened with having my wife taken hostage within 4 months of talking to him abuot 3 times briefly for about 10 minutes. Joseph wanted me to have $500,000 capital for manufacturing and distribution rights for Alberta. 

I faxed that information to Don Kelly aeronetical engineer with a overunity paper newsletter. He in turn passed that on to Gene Fischer who is connected to 200 patents and was head of IBM research & development before it was IBM. 

He in turn introduced me to Timothy Thrapp who in turn has enabled this opportunity & other opportunities for me. 

People might think $1,000,000 electronic digits in their bank account would be so wonderful and be most of the answer for most everything. Try helping others with no expectation of return and compare the satisfaction. 

And then to be part of a soul group attempting to turn around the whole energy power structure on a planet with 8B people with the worst run hierachy, imagine being a part of that?

I would rather be a little man in a big project like that than a big man on a small project!!!!!!


From 1979 to 1983 I researched into high mileage carburetors. I found the Progue Carb that got 204 miles per gallon on a Ford Motor Canadian Test on a V-8 engine. I came across an ad for 1 for sale for $21,000 CDN. I met a stock broker in N.C.that wanted funding that claimed to have machine drawings which I believe. Due to lack of ready funds and the reason below, I didn’t take those opportunities as the best fuel is airplane fuel that varporizes at mostly one temperature. I didn’t want to try to distribute a new mixture of fuel on top  of dealing with opposition.

What the oil companies did was steal a unit and then changed the fuel mixtures so instead of all the fuel vaporizing at 140 degrees F, they added mixtures so some vaporized at 140, 160, 300, 400 plus additives so it wouldn’t work very good. They threatened Charles Progue and then offered him money and a job as head of a oil filter company which he basically had to take. 

During WWII, the Rockefellers needed long range tanks that went further than 3-5 mpg so they used his black box top secret carbs along with Progue’s consulting in order to beat Rommel of Germany in the Egyptian desert etc. Then after the war, they suppressed & just used it behind the scenes for themselves as needed. 

When the fuel is vaporized, it fires with more power at the top of the engine stroke rather than burning slower & emitting more waste, heat & unburned hydrocarbons. That is why there are so many reports of higher mileage carbs and better gas mileage built by various people but they have troubles controlling it in all the temperature ranges and under all the load conditions.


My dad farmed with 4 other brothers and various relatives with up to at one point about 11 families, cultivated 6,100 acres with a small oilfield construction company with 3 cats, 2 graders, 2 gravel trucks & 2 loaders with a gravel screener. I started private SDA christian Walla Walla College Washington US with honors at 16. I took 1 year pre-med and 4 years mechanical engineering from 1973-1978.

1980 I calculated that the Anderson Bros Farms was spending about $60,000 CDN on electricity and fuel costs each year. The best all around high mileage carbureator I uncovered was the Progue. It was tested by Ford Motor CDN Company division at 204 mpg. 

From my research and study, I believe that the Roths have become secret world dictators and puppet masters behind the scenes starting when the founder said. Allow me to issue and control money and I care not who makes it's laws. Invest when there is blood in the streets. The eldest male is head unless agreed otherwise. Anyone who disputes this will be automatically be out of the will.

Their mother said of the 5 boys, if they did not want anymore wars, there would be no more wars. She isn't saying that they are behind all the wars since then but most experienced researchers especially ex-intelligence officers will often support that viewpoint.
10 Families Money vs Banksters Debt Created Money Monster is 10 families going from barter 100 years ago to the debt created Ponzi Scheme in about 5 pages and 15 minutes of reading worth more than 1 year of college Roth/Rock brainwashing to me in explaining all the changes since then done by who!

Science, technology & industrialization now with computers, robots and AI is just another area to monopolize and control for them. Their biographer in 1915 about said they owned half the world then. Just one trust account in Belgium is purportedly worth 60T. One estimate today is their wealth is 800T. That makes Bill Gates a peasant and explains who is behind the Builderburger meetings and sends out invitations to whom?

John Keely had such advanced technology with his sounds & dominent energy resonance devices he could go into a mine and crumble crystal rock around gold. He had water cracking devices, overunity energy and flying craft before 1890's. At least one source has told me that his death was faked so the others in the world wouldn't follow up on what he was doing.

Nikola Tesla after turning down an offer from JP Morgan front man for them as over half his estate went back to them after he died had his lab burnt down. That allowed them financing Marconi to commercialize ahead of Tesla despite using something like 17 of his patents. Then when the Marconi corp wanted to be paid for technological use by the US government, the Roths used their control of the legal system to nullify that by having a legal decision made that Tesla was prior originator. Yet still their text books etc. have up graded Marconi and others to keep Telsa's advanced technology like a cell phone type device that would communicate from Saint Lawrence Seaway to his New York lab according to Mathews a Canadian engineer who worked with their. They built 3 transmitting towers and started weather control engineering with creating fog over the river.

Tesla built a cosmic telecommunications device and was communitating with at least one race of ET's. Mathews used them also and built one of his own following Tesla's instructions. They had a frequency fence that warned of intruders similar to what Stubblefield around 1870 said he had created also.

Tesla created particle beam weapons and the person running for US president Basigio says he has used Telsa teleporting booths plugged into the wall in an ordinary room.

It appears Einstein a Jew and patent clerk was used as a front man to steer the societies beliefs from the ether teeming with energy, god intelligence and the view that was many ways to access that energy with hand's on devices by expirementing and learning from other practical common sense hand's on people to convulated mathamatical equations that have very little relavence to society.

Can anyone tell me if they have verified that E=MC squared was that way exactly in the different nuke bomb tests? Or is valid just for some bench type expirements that doesn't include when the ether, zero point energy, magnetics, electron spin momentum or any other numerous ways of tapping into energy are utilized. Wheeling came out with a paper showing how that the energy in background space is enough in just one cup (no mass that people can see or touch) that will boil an ocean.

In order to protect their monopoly of lead pencil created ponzi debt entries (now key strokes on the computer), gold is just the front backing. The ability to keep escalating taxes on the people to collect the exponentially increasing debt load is absolutely necessary to keep the ponzi scheme from collapsing. That is why the ability to raise taxes supported by the government was one of 4 main points in the agreement when the Bank of England was set up. Along with the owners kept secret even until this day. Before 1913 in the US, the average tax overall for the person was 1%. Now it is over 50%. Mean while the taxes raised from corps has dropped from 80% to 20% with the middle class citizens rising to about 85% in the last 50 years. The largest corps pay no taxes or get refunds or government grants &/or subsidies to provide jobs. Often they have offshore offices and banking accounts with tax free money collecting interest on items like bank debenture trading or other money multiplying schemes with held from the taxpayer supporting all of this.

The IRS was set up 1913 along with the Federal Reserve neither a US Government agency or a reserve. It is a privately wealth generating Trust generating awesome wealth along with the ablitity to adjust interest rates using whatever excuse they choose to shaft the most people in all of the market swings.

They have such control over mass media, etc. that a lot of people don't know about DUMB's, the secret space program, or even who they are. They use the intelligence agenies as their Private Investigators and the military such as Napoleon as their mercenaries to take out other monarchial families. Jade Helm with no journalists attached is a multicountry operation gearing up for ??????? When they can't keep the cold war with ET's going so hot that they are desperate to go to full scale martial law to get the resources to build up more militarily. Also people for some reason rebel when they are starving with no jobs and no income to buy food.

Now they hire, bribe payoff or kill lawyers like supreme court justice Scalia that don't go along with their agenda enough to pass bail legislation (GRAND BANK THEFT-the lawyers & government officials passing this are worth nuclear weapons for ROI)  in all the major countries along with bail in legislation for the FDIC back to the Bank of England - the first central bank they got control through advance courier intelligence of Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo.

Green Technology with a few measly grants supporting wind or solar is just a cover for all the major inventions they have suppressed to confuse the massess with their brain washed intellectuals that keep repeating that overunity energy devices violate the laws of conservation of energy etc.

George Green of www.nohoax.com said that the Rocks have minority control of all the major US corps with 4.5%. That implies to me that the Roths have majority control. Thus lower level engineers can be very interested and want to do something with overunity technologies but get no go further from their headquarters. That is why it is vitally important to work with smaller companies that can make their own decisions fast.

Those like Tathacus a publically traded company in Alberta had their listing on the TSXV pulled (supposedly to protect their shareholders) after they invested in www.xogen.ca  that demonstrated a honda generator running on "cracked water" headed by a brother in law to Stanley Meyer I believe. His car windshield was shot out driving in Calgary. At a meeting trying to sell their technology to Magna Corp for purportedly for $1B, the propane bottle carrying water was shot. For some reason Magna Corp didn't proceed after that further.

Meanwhile the Roth inside companies are using advanced technology like reverse engineered ET craft .

An associate visited Daniel Dingle in the Philippines that had about 100 different internal combustion engines running on "cracked water". He was shown an photostated check of $80M from Exon. He was told a Japanese Ferry Boat company had converted their engine to run on "cracked water" using his technology. The associate phoned the company. And asked to talk to the engineer in the engine room. When that engineer was asked if they had the engine running on water, he said yes.

It is now going to be a race between people getting lower cost free energy technologies with the Roths collapsing the world economies. If each person bought organic, Monsanto would go bankrupt.

What if each person reading this asks themselves how important this is?

And what they can do to enable these technologies to get out to the world as fast, easy and with the least money necessary?

I would definately appreciate gifts &/or purchases in order to allow me to do more!