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This gives a very brief over view of Ron Brandt's amazing 10 hp to 500 hp overunity self running BLDC motors that fits inside a 2ft x 2ft x 2ft box with controller. He was boy genius working on electrical motors in grade 3 and with Nikola Tesla on the Philadelphia Experiment. He continued Joseph Newman's overunity permanent high voltage motors with electronic control switching increasing the power output per lb by 500x upload to the main google drive with:

Machine drawings in autocad eng & mm, stp mm, FCStd mm for the 10 hp & 40 hp original drafted models yielding up to 500 hp at 8,000 rpm due to 4x the power with 2x the rpm on prony brakes. The cost per continuous watt out is up to 100x less than wind or solar. Under $10,000 US for custom Ron Brandt design 1 unit down to less than $2,5000 approximately for higher volume orders depending on quality and volume. In other countries that price can be reduced to less than 1/3 depending on the individual and more time involved. Off the shelf BLDC motors can be purchased for less than 1/3 for initial expirementation and verification with the best prices found so far.

Lamination drawings along with best 3 phase winding scanned image for maximum efficiency and the least cogging,  and the

Overunity controller with several hundred thousand spent over 4 generations to 2007. Along with hall sensors, it uses optic sensors to pick up the back emf surge showing up on the oscilloscope as per Dr. Roger Hasting principle physicist for Sperry Univac acting on his own posted in the Newman Folder.  Ron Brandt's Dual Trace Oscilloscope Showing Back EMF Being Collected 1st Generation Controller 1995. 7 minutes.

Posted in the controller folder is the reversed updated version 2 gerber files with links links to several better 1 stop pcb board manufacturers in a word doc. Also there is condensed information for common questions in another word doc and a quote back from a Chinese Company.

There are such BLDC builders as DIAZ links below showing on youtube of their building very similar motors to the 10hp-120h Ron version. So far, they haven't incorporated the overunity controller.

A patent has been applied for in Canada in order to help protect from some large corporation from patenting first with the threat of stopping others. Those that desire to have a joint venture in developing the controller to higher voltage up to 2,000 volts micro amps current so they can run on little 5 volt batteries in series like Joseph Newman did on one version, can contact me. An assignment of patent for their country can be signed giving them more incentive to develop faster. What is nice is the modular build of this motor with lamination packs that can bolted in and out along with conventional controllers or replacing with overunity controllers instead. The market for such a compact high power BLDC alone is significant.

I highly recommend downloading and mirroring the google drive to share with others as I was threatened within 4 months of contacting Joseph Newman for trying to raise $500,000 capital in order to become a Alberta manufacturer and distributor back in 1996 with having my wife taken hostage. For those that think this technology is stretching it, on the home page scrolling down is Tesla's 90hp electric car, Trombley's patent that was placed under a US National Security Order, Gray's 80 dyno test and a reverse engineered ET craft by Northrup & GE, etc. or in google drive. This information is going to BLDC manufacturing and controller companies around the world including Chinese.

+++++ MORE DETAILS+++++++

Ron Brandt was a child prodigy, working on electrical motors in grade 3, had an overunity motor by grade 8 and totally rebuilt a car from ground up at age 11. He worked with Nikola Tesla during WWII as a young man on the Philadelphia Experiment. Later when the 5th speaker of the ministry organization that Michael Faraday had set up was killed prematurely in WWII, he was trained in a rush to be the 6th speaker.  Timothy Thrapp IQ 172 of became the 7th speaker. Ron had a vehicle running overunity in the 60’s and there after using various technologies such as the Tesla Brandt switch using switching on 4 -12 volt batteries that Tesla and he worked on their spare time in the Philadelphia experiment. Over the years he made connections to various other intelligent skilled people working on various versions of overunity technology such as Ecklin, Thrapp, Newman, Bedini, Grey. 

Joseph Newman built a number of oveunity motors using the basic principle of pulsing high voltages into long turns of wire with a magnet turning inside the windings. Then collecting the back emf energy into capacitors and recycling that energy. He was blocked from obtaining a US patent despite the patent office's own expert testifying for him. His 7th edition book came out with the 700% efficient dynamometer test done at Lawrence Technological University 10-6-94 witnessed by 4 individuals and the basic details of his 4 foot long motor with the center rotating magnets with the large number of turns of fine wire collecting the back emf onto capacitors and recycling the energy. Then the printing press was burnt down. His posted book online doesn't have that dyno test or the basic details thus as posted here. I really respect Joseph for turning down (Name Your Amount) for not selling out when they wouldn't agree to manufacture his motor for the benefit for the world and instead open sourced the information. He used commutator switching.


Ron Brandt then went the next step further using electronic switching and because the magnets flew off the rotor at higher speeds and when the motor got hot, designed the motor with the magnets rotating on the inside of a tube with the windings being on the inside. There was several hundred thousand dollars spent. Also Timothy Thrapp EE IQ 172 hard working, diligent and very observant along with 3 other EE/electronics specialists built 4 generations of controllers to obtain up to COP (Coefficient of Performance) 932.   The one controller whiz had his son kidnapped and tortured for a year trying to stop them before miracles sly, the father got his son back. Back in 1998 a Chinese company was given the information on his basic motor which started the manufacturing of his motor design around the world but not including the overunity controller as far as I am aware.


Ron originally came up the design of the magnets on the inside of a rotating tube after magnets would fly off of a central rotor at higher speeds due to centrifugal forces plus when they over heated weakening the glue. Ron Brandt met with some Chinese in 1998 and gave them the details on the motor. That I believe was the start of those BLDC motors spreading out to the world today. I don’t think they got the controller details plus the controller has been upgraded with several hundred thousand dollars over 4 generations since 1998  to 2007. Now it has been upgraded to digitalized gerber files.


Ron was kind and generous in order to receive a very reasonable amount June 17, 2010 allowing me to photostat the machine drawings for the 10 hp (at 13,000 rpm yields 60 hp on a prony brake due to hp going up 4x for the rpm doubling approximately and 120 hp if the mirror is joined) & 40 hp (yielded 500 p on a prony braked at 8,000 rpm with the mirror joined) motors plus the latest 4rth generation of controller in order to be open sourced.


The Tesla Car Company is worth $30B needing the batteries to be recharged with one of their motors 150 hp less. Conservatively at 10x this technology is worth $300B or more. This information is going around the world including various Chinese Controller & BLDC manufacturers. Imagine what being on the ground floor will be for them?


+++++++MORE DETAILED GOOGLE DOWNLOAD LINKS WITH THE FILES IN THEM+++++++  1-10-500hBLDCOverunity Motor - Main Overall Link- Overall Folder for the Amazing 10hp-500hp overunity self running BLDC motor that fits inside a 2ft x 2ft x 2t box with controller. Machine drawings, lamination windings, videos etc. Ron Brandt was a boy genius working on electrical motors in grade 3. He worked with Nikola Tesla on the Philadelphia Experiment 1943. He taught electrical and math to others twice his age in the military. Over the years he made contacts with other very intelligent skilled people over the years. I stayed at his place June 7 to 17, 2010. Machine drawings, electrical schematic for the controller, photos, etc. are posted here! Feel free to download, burn to dvds and repost. I WELCOME THE COMPETITION (COOPERATION) in making the world a better place! Index etc. below the sales pitch. Chrome, Internet Explorer & Firefox have a little arrow on top of the item when the curser is over that item. Just left click on the item to download to your computer. I like firefox a little bit better for downloading these items. 1-10-120hpMachineDrawings - 10hp BLDC motor but at 13,000 rpm produced 60 hp on a prony brake due to as the rpm doubles, the horsepower goes up approximately 4x. It can be mirrored & joined so that the output is 120 hp. It didn't overheat. The machine drawings are in pdf eng, autocad eng & mm, stp mm, FCStd mm. 2-40-500hpMachineDrawings - 40hp BLDC motor but at 8,000 rpm produced 250 hp on a prony brake due to as the rpm doubles, the horsepower goes up approximately 4x. It can be mirrored & joined so that the output is 500 hp which was also built and tested on a prony brake. It didn't overheat. The machine drawings are in pdf eng, autocad eng & mm, stp mm, FCStd mm. 2-Lamination&Windings - The windings were tested in various configurations and how many teeth should be left empty to reducing cogging. 3 colored yarn wrapped to show the 3 phase winding. 3-Controller – Patent applied for - The Brandt Closed Loop Optically Coupled BLDC Motor Drive System is designed to harvest the unused electromagnetic energy. The system employs Hall sensors for position sensing, optical switches for phase excitation and a high performance controller IC equipped with top and bottom driver outputs, programmable oscillator, position sensor decoder. The system separates itself from other drivers by the use of a feedback circuit that captures electromagnetic energy from the field windings. The captured energy is converted to DC and added to the motor power improving the motor’s output and increasing its efficiency. 4Photos10-500hp – Photos of his shop, equipment, assembled and partly assembled motors, circuit boards etc. 5Videos10-500hp – Videos of Ron describing his motor with oscilloscope readings along with Timothy Thrapp EE IQ 172 very hard working, diligent and observant who financed with several hundred thousand the various designs of controllers and testing of the prototypes.  Ron Brandt's Dual Trace Oscilloscope Showing Back EMF Being Collected 1st Generation Controller 1995. 7 minutes.

1y  Youtube #300 Ron Brandt's Amazing Perm Mag Motor OU 500 hp 350 KW up to COP 932. Plans $1,500 USD now free. Part 1.  edited no scrolling. First 15 minutes of 1 hour video of Ron Brandt showing and talking about his 10 hp single phase perm mag motor at a 1995 Extraordinary Science Conference with additional comments by spokesman Timothy Thrapp who spent several hundred thousand dollars and worked as assistant chief EE to Ron with 3 other EE &/or electronic specialties to build 4 generations of electrical controllers. Recommend downloading due to possible internet shutdown or interference.

2y  Youtube #301 Ron Brandt's Amazing Perm Mag Motor OU 500 hp 350 KW up to COP 932. Part 2. edited no scrolling

  3y   Youtube #302 Ron Brandt's Amazing Perm Mag Motor OU 500 hp 350 KW up to COP 932. Part 3.  edited no scrolling

4y  Youtube #304 Ron Brandt's Amazing Perm Mag Motor OU 500 hp 350 KW up to COP 932. Part 4.  edited no scrolling

+++++++++++++++++++++  2JosephNewman700%DynoTest, general plans, 338 page scanned book and 10 pages of his 338 page book with Roger Hasting (principle of Sperry Univac acting on his own) showing oscilloscope readings showing excess energy collected, detailed testing results on various overunity motors. The printing press was burnt down after the 7th edition. The scanned online version doesn’t have the dyno test or general plans of his 700% motor. Also videos of several replications the one most convincing is starting with a battery pack showing mechanical work, lights flashing and the batteries charging up. Then the battery pack is removed.  Joseph Newman himself demonstrating an overunity model along with showing his book that caused that printing press to be burnt down.

They make him seem like a kook for not letting them look inside. He wasn’t granted a patent despite spending over $2M and the patent’s office own expert testifying on his behalf along with 6 or 7 congressman. It came out in South Africa and Mexico. Others argue he was claiming a physics principle and couldn’t do that  I highly respect him for turning down (Name your amount) when they wouldn’t agree to manufacture it. So he wasn’t protected from showing the switching secrets on a device worth billions. it is very unfortunate for humanity and the earth's ecology that the PTB have continued their suppression going as far back as when Nikola Tesla had his lab burnt down before 1900 for turning down a buy out offer from JP Morgan (front man for who when over 90% of his estate went to who?)  Joseph Newman Motor replications by Geoffrey Miller of EnergyBat Labs -- Historic and Recent 
Energybat Labs Geoffrey Miller is easily the in the forefront of understanding, replicating, improving on, and being in a position to bring forward Joseph Newman's motor technology. For those not familiar with the Newman Motor claims, to put it simplistically, it is a large motor that is powered by pulsing from a few 9-volt batteries, which puts out tremendous power, including enough to loop back to keep the 9-volt batteries topped off. Geoff was the first to replicate the technology back in the 1980s, for which accomplishment he was given a license to the technology. So far, Geoff has built six versions, all of which work, three of which have Geoff's improvement on them. I alluded to that key component in yesterday's story about Geoff's overunity replication of the Keppe motor, and I put forth the challenge to our audience to see if they could figure out what that key is. No one, yet, has guessed what it is. No one yet has put forth any guess. In retrospect, when someone guesses it and we do an article about it, you're going to be amused at how obvious it is; and you're going to be grateful at how open Geoff is in sharing it, in an open license manner.  WITTS Self Running 35 Watt Delay Line Generator!  - World Improvement Through The Spirit Ministries is showing a delay line generator motor starting with a pack of 9 volt batteries in series. It shows the voltage rising from 713 volts to 728 volts after starting with approximately .05 amps average current or 35 watts being generated & utilized. The meter used for the current measurements is one designed specifically for measuring pulsed current accurately. A conventional generator motor would be dropping the voltage in the battery pack after starting. The video then shows a capacitor being added and the batteries are disconnected totally so that the delay line generator motor is self-generating, self-turning, as well as supplying electricity to the fluorescent tubes. The device is over 23 years old and as such provided the basis for higher output more sophisticated devices such as the - Self-Running 900 Watt Fuel less Electrical Generator. There is no harmful radiation and it is converting zero point energy with no external power source needed after starting! See for more information about WITTS, and contact us there to schedule a consultation.  Other Notes: Metering Used - Craftsman 82014 (amp-clamp for current measurements) Wavetek DM27XT (for the voltage measurements) 


DIAZ youtube video’s showing their building BLDC motor almost identical to Ron's 10/60 hp motor from cutting out laminations, winding etc. to running with a propeller off of a small battery pack. DIAZ up to 92% efficiency. go direct & use google chrome easiest or next various options  to translate the website This url might not work direct due to website certificate not updated correctly.  1 controller motor smaller BLDC  2 almost identical to 60 ph Ron’s version. Part 3 continued  part 3 laminations motor controller full Part 4 outside showing testing 5 oscilloscope readings  part 6 Awesome showing it running outside with battery pack, accelerating with propeller as for small aircraft, etc. Fantastic

Answers skype but not email for me. $500 US for materials list for the BLDC motor and controller with payment by Western Union or Bank Transfer. Too busy to build a complete motor. Parts $300 to $500 motor his design and the same for controller. 2 months to build motor with winding the most labor. 1 month to build the controller.  Berca Iulian Romania - 48 pole 60kw direct drive Moog acquired Aspen - Custom and Standard Solutions Best for higher volume faster manufacturing runs. Moog Aspen has developed permanent magnet brushless motors/generators designs and manufactured them in sizes ranging from 0.7 inches to 37 inches in diameter.
These designs have range in power ratings : from a few watts to 65 kilo watts. More companies can be contacted here.  The golden motor company is selling the BLDC motors with controller direct to US using Paypal and through Alibaba  for better prices on volume purchases I have found so far anywhere. 3KW, 5KW - $376 - 6,000 rpm, 10KW - $645 - 6,000 rpm , 20KW $1590 - with prices listed along with controllers and parts. Their ptrices are less than half of any other supplier found so far. At 6,000 rpm, the overunity might be only 100 to 300% depending on imprinting of components of polar, dipolar & parapolar fields. Through Alibaba, there is trade purchase protections and prices are less for greater than 1 purchases.   100cc replacement $329   The wire length might not be long enough to that much overunity but 15,000 to 20,000 rpm is better. controller  180 amps? $200  List of better one stop pcb board manufactures the Gerber Files can be sent to for building 1 - 100,000 units  The files have been upgraded december 25 with less than 10 nanosecond diodes (instantaneous). Another option is buying electronic breadboards and setting up the electronics on it. In overunity energy, 300 v ratings might fail at 200 volt whereas other components might not fail until double their voltage rating. A bread board is easier and less expensive to change. Thomasnet and Aibaba can be searched and posted for manufacturers also on controllers.  Email : needs minimum 10 pcb boards.


www.witts.wss  Perks/Gifts: Plans / Books / Classes / Etc Devices Youtube Channel showing various overunity devices with verifications from engineers, electronics & others qualified experts.  Verifications from engineers, electronics & others qualified experts. Electrical Meter Bill showing electricity going back into the grid due to the negative amount owing. Heating bill for a 4,500 sq ft building from the sphere heater at showing it provided enough heat except for the 2 coldest months in Ohio at bottom of the webpage. Flux Switch Transformer with COP 3 to 60x. The best replication was 1,000 watts input for 60,000 watts output. Danish Engineer replication with verification from an engineer from the university. More information with plans and photos of a prototype are at this google drive.
Donate for consulting with for more information.


Already, one company on is selling 17 inch fans using only 6.5 watts that are less than 1/5 of the energy of conventionally produced fans I believe for $10 including postage to Canada. They are not using any controller but very well designed windings for the correct impedance and emf field intersections. It could be the back emf is collected and utilized more efficiently as a hypothesis.


Toy drone BLDC motors can be also be bought on for visual personal purposes by taking the snap out the end to show others for $10 postage included.


Here are 17 inch fan motors I believe use 1/5 or less electricity of those sold in North America that are extremely inexpensive, have no diodes and are engineered extremely simple yet efficient comparing with 6 inch window fans wiht more pitch from Home Hardware not comparing it with air flow meters and knowing that the power used is cubed for rpm  Fan 220 .6.5 watts measured. Rated 7 Package says 100% house warranty  $10 shipping included to Canada.  17 Inch 110v 6 watts measured rating 6 watts More expensive $23 plu $17 shipping to Canada.


Taizhou Jiaojiang Zhangli Electrical Appliance Factory is the manufacturer A distributor is Google does a poor job of tanslating this page.

From: 张力电器厂 [] This is Rebecca from Zhangli Appliance Electrical factory.  $10 free shipping included to Canada.  The snap can be taken out of the end and slid a part for visual purposes. 


1. In overunity electrical devices as I understand it primarily from, the electrical fields need to be balanced polar, dipolar & parapolar. If the polar is too much, the energies build up and components burn out over time depending on the power and imprinting. If the dipolar builds up, the energies drop and the unit becomes underunity. I saw that as my auric field is dipolar so when I approached a Joseph Newman running overunity motor, it started slowing down when I was about 12 feet away from it. That explains why John Bedini, Richard Willis and others can have units working overunity in their presence but to underunity when they leave the room or are sold. And why so many try replicating John's circuits and fail.  It is well worth donating for consulting to for further information.

2. The longer the wire length, the higher the efficiency. Joseph Newman used 100 to 1,000x plus the normal lengths of wire in his motors.

3. The higher the rpm, the higher the efficiency between linear and exponential. At 300 rpm highly polar charged, it can be over COP > 1, if normal nuetral, it might be 3,000 to 4,000 rpm or higher depending on wire length  & voltage before it over COP > 1. If it is imprinted with polar energies, it can be overunity at 300 rpm. The closer to overunity, the longer it will take the polar energies to build up over time unless balanced imprinted circuits/components are in the device or added. Having a metal case around the device minimizes outside fields affecting the device. The 10hp Ron Brandt BLDC ran at 20,000 rpm was about COP 650 yielding 60 hp on a prony brake due to the hp going up approximately 4x for a doubling of the rpm over original design specs. The longer wire length in the 40 hp motor mirrored yielded 500 hp on a prony brake at less rpm like 10,000 rpm.

4. The higher the voltage, the higher the efficiency increased between linear and exponential. On Joseph Newman's 700% dyno test, it shows at 1076 volts 118% efficiency. At 1729 volts, it was 700% efficient. The currrent was in micro amps so that 192 9 volt batteries in series would provide the current & voltage. In other motors, Joseph used 5 volt watch batteries in series.

Joseph had the hypothesis that electricity and magnetism had gyroscopic properties. That helps to explain the right hand rule used in the direction of forces and reactions between electrical and magnetic fields. I have the hypothesis that electricity has more the properties of a wave the higher the voltage more like light and less of particles. That helps draw in energy from the ether, zero point or the vaccume of space or whatever name is agreeable in aiding the explaining and understanding.

Electrical components need to be higher quality with the diodes being almost instantaneous under 10 nanoseconds reaction times.

Ron Brandt was able to get overunity on the Tesla Brandt Battery Switch Technology that they worked on in their spare time during the Philidelphia Expirement by using military surplus electronics with higher .9s. Others have added their names like Bedini later but as far as I know haven't got as good results as Ron so far.

When Ron's estate was sold, original motors, controllers and documentation ended up in other parties possession so I don't have access to most of the exact numbers, reports, etc. Timothy Thrapp EE IQ 172 hard working, diligent and very observant of was involved deeply in the project due to his personal investment of time and money. He provides consulting.


When you read into the environmental destruction like oxygen levels dropping, fish dying in the oceans along with whales, dolphins down to the starfish down to the phytoplankton which create over 75% of the oxygen, do you want to just sit on face book or watching news having your brains microwaved and altered in mush like I used to do when I was younger?

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Also send this link to BDLC controller companies, BLDC companies, wind & solar farms, larger users of electricity, starting with the smaller companies as they are generally more flexible and less likely to have minority control by the Rockefellers or similar family dynasties with majority control.