Roths vs Rocks vs ET's Secret Wars  Goes into the brief history of each dynasty being cousins and the Roths financing (creating ledger entries at that time instead of computer entries) the Rocks until they were able to leverage their monopoly in oil refining into monopoly of the health industry etc. US with the manufacturing of Europe & Japan destroyed had over 50% of the manufacturing capacity with the Rocks controlling a big chunk of that. The Roths started killing off Rock brothers and they in turn would kill of Roths on anniversary dates with clones and doubles being used in between. The Gemstone File was written in many segments over a period of years—by an American man named Bruce Roberts revealiing such things as Howard Hughes hooked on drugs and his empire taken over by someone (roths or rocks).

The Opal File is an extension of that with such things as listing the politicians of Australia who receieved bribes, the amounts and the swiss numbered accounts that the funds were deposited in order for the Rock Cartel to have minerals and oil wealth turned over to them. More synopsis of Dr. Peter Beter of what he was revealing.  Dr. Peter Beter was head of Import Export Bank under JFK and never lost a legal case. He was killed after exposing the high tec warfare between the Roths and Rocks on earth and in space. He said over half the white house resigned after Jimmy Carter was the first president to be replaced by a clone. Several of the Rocks were killed with in payback a Roth killed on an anniversary date of a Rock death.  Battle of Harvest moon where the Rocks lost control of the moon.

Watching which clone supported different treaties, tax grants deductions gives an idea who controlled and programmed that clone. The ears and nose were the most difficult to get exact so stories like the president going for a haircut would be out when the clone was failing or needed to be replaced again. Interesting that Obama has what appears to be a surgical incision along the side of his head?

CAC says one clone was used for a pubic appearance when the original needed to be at some top secret meetings.

Peter mentioned how different newspaper chains would support one president or future head of the CIA, Department of Defense depending on whether they were the Roth or Rock fraction. When the Rocks found out their summer resorts were targeted by the Roths in a nuke strike, they started selling and bought real estate in the South Hemisphere. CIA (first head was a cousin to the Rocks) studies projected very little mixing at the equater in a nuke war in the north hemisphere so that the south hemisphere should be better off.

CAC mentions that the Roths go for state control (Stalin said communism is over 90% setting up a central bank).
The Rocks are going for corp control and influence with in the future employees bonded to the corp like serfs. Along with their descendants.

The Sitchin books mentions in the past, wars on earth were men/countries/nations fighting for members in the Enki Enlil Fractions as to who was going to control that part of earth. There wasn’t et fractions involved.

It appears the Roths have made treaties with the Reptilian Orion Grey Archeon Fraction.  If the space fractions referred to by David Wilcock Corey Goode have sections more controlled by the Roths or the Rocks, it can explain why the US government is working against itself on varous policies, wars, currency wars, off planet etc.

It could be the Rocks are trying to make a deal with the Blue Avian Race to support them. CAC says they aren’t 6th dimension but 4rth and to ask questions. The Goode name was chosen to subliminally slant people towards accepting his information.

The Rocks through project paper clip and more hands on control of NASA, reverse engineering craft etc. are trying to keep from being economically devasted. CO2 and global warming is a push by the Roths to drop profits to the Rocks. The Saudi monarchy is Jewish linked in the past which explains why they dropped the prices so much.

Using inductive and deductive reasoning, the Gulf sabatogue and Japan nuke sabatogues was the Roths against the Rocks.
The Rocks ended up with major control of Japan after WWII such as SONY being Standard Oil of New York ergo that is a huge hit in profits and spare cash to finance secret wars behind the scenes.

Greer mentions being on the Rock estate. His discloure was likely backed by the Rocks for future use to expand on.

Fulford believes his grandfather (wanted to finance Tesla) was killed by the Rocks to take over his majority shares in GE. Is it possible Fulford might have a bias now?

Fulford believes the white Dragons in China are going to be the saviors with different fractions on earth fighting for control. And that the Roths want to change their ways.

The Roths financed the red redshield rothschield revolutions of France, Russia and China.

Also Chinese are more physically similar to greys than other races. China seems like it woships the dragon. Does that go back to Reptilian Grey influence in history?

Some of the genetically engineered viruses were specifically for the Asian ie Chinese race. Could that be a secret Rock project?

Might that really upset the dragon secret societies?

Isn’t wonderful how people’s tax dollars are being used?

There is a report of about 40 corpoation heads meeting to see how they can stop Trump.

CAC says  the Nordics 1 group underground have accepted the role for the NWO. (by the Reptilians). Phil Schneider Hero says the NWO agenda is the Alien Agenda.   The Alllies of Humanity are warning humans that every ET race has their own agenda. And that earth will loose their sovereignity the way they going and be dependant on alien races to exist further. The channeler mentions that the bill has come due on how humans have misused earth’s resources and over populated it. And that we need to take action rather than sitting back and waiting for some god to save us. 

#4 The darkside hybridic occultic Roths +++ childs Rocks+++ efellers (ie Roths Rocks to reduce NSA CSIS tracking and computerized snipping out &/or altering emails midtraffic emails even between yahoo accounts, shutting down websites, etc. in the information warfare military corporation control angle) Annanukini, Orions, Reptilians, Greys, dark side Luciferian Satanic Intelligences/Forces, Black Magicians from Atlantis, Masons especially those about 32 degree who choose the dark side, etc.   has more information